Student support

Universities welcome students from all different backgrounds and walks of life. They have teams dedicated to ensuring all students feel included and supported and are able to get the most from their university experience.

The services range from faith and spirituality groups, societies for those who identify as LGBT, to specialist support for those with a disability or learning difference.

There are two main support networks, the Students’ Union and the university’s student services. If your son or daughter experiences any problems during their studies, these support networks provide someone to confide in and any help they might require. If at any stage your child becomes overwhelmed by any aspect of their life then urge them to seek help from the university.

In some cases there is additional financial support available to students who are overcoming additional obstacles. They include bursaries for students from a care background, funding to purchase specialist equipment for those with a visual or hearing impairment or the Disabled Students Allowance (DSA). When researching potential institutions it is worth considering whether they can offer any funding packages as well as pastoral support. For more information on the DSA, a national funding package visit the website.