Our students and staff from around enrich our community with their cultures, religions and spiritual beliefs.

Situated in the heart of our Loughborough campus lies the Chaplaincy which offers a safe and non-discriminative space for both students and staff to reflect, explore and express their ideologies. The Chaplaincy offers round the clock service and support to anyone who is in need – irrespective of your identity, religious or spiritual beliefs.

Student groups

The Chaplaincy supports a number of student-led faith groups which are open to everyone. This provides students with a fantastic opportunity to meet like-minded people while studying at University. Each group warmly welcomes new members and you do not have to follow a particular faith to get involved in their activities.

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Meet our Chaplains

Our University Chaplain, Deacon Jan Sutton, is joined at the centre by a number of other Chaplains from various world faiths, including Muslim, Hindu and Catholic. Our respected Chaplains are always available to answer your questions and provide friendly, comforting advice to help you deal with life’s challenges. If you have a specific concern, they will guide you to the most appropriate support.

If you’re simply looking for someone to talk to, you can reach out to any one of our Chaplains who will be happy to provide that company.

Our Chaplains

Chaplaincy facilities

The Chaplaincy offers a number of dedicated rooms to pray, meditate and worship, and is open to all members of the University. There are three, multi-purpose faith rooms which can be booked via our Chaplains.

Our quiet room offers a haven of peace and there is a large chapel that can be used for formal services. We also have a prayer room set up for Muslim practices and a Chaplains library displaying an array of literature that is completely free to read or borrow.

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Our facilities