Managing your finances

When it comes to managing your money, budgeting is key, and we have lots of practical tips and resources to help you make healthy financial decisions.

Going to University means gaining independence in various aspects of life and as a student, you’ll be responsible for managing your finances. When the first instalment of your student loan lands in your account, it is not uncommon to feel overwhelmed – if not a little tempted by an online shopping spree.

However, those fund need to last you until your next instalment in around three months’ time, so this is when budgeting becomes really important.


We understand that for some, budgeting and managing large sums of money may come quite naturally while for others, this can feel more like a challenge. There are lots of useful resources online, like this budgeting spreadsheet from, designed to help you keep track of your income and expenditure.

If you would like some support with planning your budget for university, you can speak to our student services team. To book a 1:1 appointment, call the team on +44(0)1509 222 765. 

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Managing your finances is something that becomes easier with time and experience, and many of our students have started to develop healthy spending habits which helps them stay on track.

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Most students joining University may not know where to start when it comes to budgeting. Human Biology student, Vicky, remembers this feeling all too well, but over time, she has learnt some savvy techniques to lead a cost-effective student lifestyle. In her blog, she shares her top tips to help you cut costs and stretch your student loan.