Student Placements/Study Exchanges and COVID-19: Travel Insurance

What is the position on travel insurance for pre-approved overseas placements/study exchanges?

Q. If I travel against the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) or local authority advice against ‘all, but essential travel’, will I have LU travel and medical cover?

  • LU cover will be in place once a student has signed and returned disclaimer.
  • Full medical emergency cover will be in place.
  • There is no travel disruption cover provided by LU relating to current pandemic.

Q. If I travel overseas is placement or study exchanges classed as ‘essential travel’?


Q. If single or return flight tickets bought will this be covered if cancelled/curtailed/ postponed/delayed/missed?

No. Unless not related to any virus pandemic (including COVID-19) as with any cancellation, delay or curtailment, you would need to obtain any available refunds from tour operators, hotels, airlines, etc, and then submit a claim for the shortfall.

Q. Will I have medical cover for COVID-19 related medical issues?


Q. Will I be able to purchase additional personal travel and medical cover for current pandemic?


Q. I am a British citizen; will my European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) be valid in European countries?

No. The EHIC is no longer valid after 1 January 2021.

Q. I am a British citizen; which health insurance card do I need for traveling to Europe?

You must have a UK Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) when travelling to Europe. To apply for a free card, please hit the link below.

NHS Get healthcare cover for travelling abroad site

Q. Will my loss of rented accommodation cost be covered by LU travel cover?

No. Your own personal travel or working abroad insurance should be able to cover this.

Q. Can the University assist me with purchasing personal travel or working abroad insurance cover?

No. As Loughborough University is not an insurance broker or registered with the FCA, we can only signpost you to providers who may already be insuring your personal belongings whilst you are staying in University-run student accommodation.

Q. Should I buy insurance cover before I depart or whilst overseas?

Yes, before. It is imperative that you buy personal insurance before you depart due to policy restrictions.

There are insurance covers available in the common UK insurance marketplace for Travel/Study Aboard/Placements.

Q. If the FCDO or local government advice changes during a journey and the traveller remains overseas when the advice is against ‘all, but essential travel’ to that particular country, will the travel cover still operate?

Yes. However, if the FCDO or local government advises travellers to leave the country, and LU’s insurer agrees to offer curtailment, the travel cover would cease if the traveller elected to remain in the country.

Q. If a traveller is stranded in a country due to COVID-19 travel restrictions imposed since their arrival, will the Loughborough University travel cover continue to operate?

Yes, but only Loughborough University medical emergency cover would be in place.

Q. If a student has pre-booked tickets to return to the UK, and the flights are cancelled, will University travel cover pick up additional costs incurred either to return to the UK or to extend their stay overseas until a return is possible?

No, if flights are cancelled due to COVID-19 travel restrictions imposed by local or international authorities the University will not pick up additional costs.

Q. For all international placements/study exchanges (not UK or home country), what extra steps should I take?

You must check the Drum Cussac website for information on the medical rating for your host destination. If ‘Extreme’, please speak to your Placement Officer/Exchange Co-ordinator.

If you are based in your home country, you must follow local government advice with regard to lockdown and travel restrictions.

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