Language Support

One of the main benefits of an international exchange is that students have the opportunity to study and live in countries where English is not the main language. They are, therefore, encouraged to learn new, or develop existing, linguistic skills before leaving the UK and travelling to the host country. In support of this, the University offers the following services:

Preparatory Language Courses

If students wish to undertake preparatory work in European languages other than those listed above and can source an appropriate course, there is funding available for the reimbursement of the cost.  However, students will need to provide proof of payment and evidence that they have attended the courses.

The University’s Language Centre provides opportunities for students to learn languages through the University Wide Language Programme (ie credit-bearing modules) and the Extra-Curricular Language Programme (ie open access evening classes).

Language support for International exchange students

Loughborough University has a limited number of study exchange places with a selection of international institutions in Australia, Japan, Singapore and the USA.  At all of these partner institutions, the language of instruction is English.  However, with regard to Kansai University in Japan, the University’s Language Centre offers courses in Japanese as part of its Extra-Curricular Languages Programme.  Places on these courses are taken up quickly so students are advised to register at the start of the academic year and are expected to pay a fee upfront (currently £129 for 20 weeks).  At present, it is not possible to reimburse students for learning non-European languages, but potential sources of funding are being explored.