What are the benefits of an international exchange?

We are now living in a globalised environment. At Loughborough University, we embrace this concept and are dedicated to giving our students a high quality international educational experience so that our graduates are prepared for the global workplace.

Here are some reasons why you might want to participate in an international exchange programme.

Get ahead in the job market - approach business issues from another cultural perspective and improve your CV.
A different and new outlook - study your subject in a different context and in a country where English is not the main language. You will find this challenging and highly rewarding.
An international network of friends - many of the people you meet will remain your friends for the rest of your life, at home and abroad.
International mobility - we now live in an internationally mobile world. What better time to prepare for this than as a student?
Life skills - enhance your personal development, increase your employability, improve your confidence and enjoy your life in different ways.
Funding - students participating in an international study exchange will be eligible to apply for a Turing mobility grant and will not have to pay tuition fees to their host university.
Have the time of your life - studying at university is all about new experiences and making the most of the opportunities open to you. Enjoy!

This is what our students had to say about their experiences abroad!

Harriet Shepherd sitting cross legged on the ground whilst in Singapore

Harriet Shepherd, Management Studies

Semester International Study Exchange, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Nothing compares to the experience I had during that 6 months. Build your CV, push yourself, see the world, learn more about yourself. You won’t regret it.

Merve Gunenc standing by a lake in France

Merve Gunenc, International Relations

Full Year European Study Exchange, Université Lumiere Lyon 2, France

Study for a year abroad has opened my eyes to the world around me. It is a year of overcoming challenges and of exciting opportunities. You won't come back the same person; it will change you for the better and leave you wanting more!

Wilf Hutchings and a group of people posting for a photo whilst in the USA

Wilf Hutchings, Geography

Semester International Study Exchange, Oklahoma State University, United States of America

I had spent 9 months in lockdown and was never going to let this opportunity disappoint. Keeping an open mind, I made friends wherever I went and through these friends I was able to explore and embrace everything the States had to offer.

Asia Wilmot and a friend standing next to a car

Asia Wilmot, Fine Art

Full Year, International Study Exchange Curtin University, Australia

I learned to say yes more, and not be afraid to take a chance; more self-control, self-directed and independent. Time away from family made me appreciate who is important to me. It changed how I think about life, giving me new ideas and perspectives.