UNITECH International at a glance

“The UNITECH International Society was founded in 2000 for the academic and corporate worlds to jointly develop a group of talented young engineers to enable them to successfully manage future challenges in global industry and to help bridge the gap between the corporate and academic world. UNITECH also provides a platform for networking and exchange of ideas. UNITECH has succeeded in providing an opportunity for multinational companies to get in contact at an early stage with talented engineers who come from many different cultural backgrounds and who share an interest in a future career in management.” (taken from UNITECH website)

UNITECH and Loughborough University:

Loughborough University is the UK Academic Partner in the UNITECH International Network.  

Every year we select a number of high achieving Engineering students from our three Engineering Schools to take part in the UNITECH International development programme, which offers participants the opportunity to attend a semester-long study exchange at one of the other 7 UNITECH Academic Partners; a minimum of 12 weeks’ work experience, as well as coached modules throughout the year.

As well as recruiting students from Loughborough University to take part in UNITECH, each year we receive UNITECH participants from the 7 Academic Partners to undertake their study exchange with us. 

UNITECH International Academic Partners: