East Midlands Institute of Technology

The East Midlands Institute of Technology (EMIoT) is a collaboration between Loughborough University, Loughborough College, the University of Derby and Derby College Group.

The Institute’s aim is to deliver world-class, research-orientated, employer-led courses and create graduates who will be part of a net zero carbon workforce needed to lead the UK’s green and digital revolution.

Based in the heart of the East Midlands, the IoT specialises in programmes such as Engineering and Manufacturing Technologies; Information and Communication Technology; Science and Mathematics and Construction, Planning and the built environment.

The EMIoT will be working closely with global employers, including Rolls-Royce, Toyota, National Grid ESO, Alstom, Fujitsu, Uniper and Bloc Digital, to ensure programmes equip workforces with the right skills for the future.

Students will have access to a new centre in Loughborough, as well as partner sites, including world class training environments in Derby at the University of Derby’s Enterprise Centre and DCG’s Roundhouse technical and professional skills college.

Our courses

Loughborough University offers the following courses through the East Midlands Institute of Technology:



Leadership and Management

What are Institutes of Technology?

Institutes of Technology (IoTs) are a national network of experienced education providers and leading industry employers located across England. working in close partnerships to deliver world-class technical education and training.

Backed by £290 million government investment each Institute of Technology (IoT) focuses on one or more specialisms including – medical engineering, high-value manufacturing, cloud networking and healthcare. The aim is to fill skills gaps and build a pipeline of talent for the future.