Our Security team are on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They respond and deal with all emergencies on the campus and can also assist you in relation to crime and traffic issues as well as other matters that may arise out of hours.

Campus Security is here to ensure, as far as is possible, the personal safety of students, staff and visitors; the security of University buildings and other property; the protection of personal property and the control of traffic and parking.

Our Security Officers offer 24-hour cover for all areas of campus including our halls of residences. Our team perform foot and mobile patrols throughout the campus and also attend residential complaints in Loughborough town centre. Trained first aiders are available on all shifts.

Our Security team is based in the Security building, this is by the Epinal Way entrance to the University.

Loughborough University Security

Find out more about our 24/7 Security team who cover all areas of the University, including our halls of residence.

You should report any crime, suspicious incident or any welfare concerns to us as soon as possible, either by calling the number below or making a report via the online reporting portal.

Please note that E-scooters are not permitted either on Loughborough campus or in Loughborough town.

Contact details

Security control room (available 24/7)

  • Telephone: 01509 222141

You can also contact the Security control room if you need any information about lost property.

Emergency number (available 24/7)

  • Internal: 888
  • Freephone: 0800 526966

Useful information

Cycle registration

If you decide to bring a bicycle with you onto campus, our Security team can help by registering your bike for free. You can do this by visiting our Security Office and one of our team will record the bike's details along with your own. This will reduce the risk of your bike being stolen as it is a visible and effective deterrent for bike thieves. Once you have registered your bike a unique numbered label will be fixed to a conspicuous part of the bike frame. This way if the bicycle is reported missing and is recovered it can then be returned to you.

Storing your bike on campus

On campus we have a number of places where you can store your bike and all of our student halls have cycle storage. When storing your bike make sure to use a D-Lock (these are far more secure than chains, cables or padlocks) on both your front, rear wheels and the frame to a solid immovable object. You can also look at purchasing anti-theft bolts for the wheels.

Lost and found

Any lost property that is found on campus will be brought to the Security office. Any items found will be held for a maximum of 28 days. If an item is not collected by then it will either be donated to charity or disposed of.