Pre-departure guide

We have a fantastic welcome and pre-departure guide which is just for international students. It provides you with lots of information which you will need before you move to Loughborough or London to begin your studies.

The guide is designed to support all international students once they have accepted their offer. It provides all the information you need before moving to Loughborough or London to begin your studies, containing essential information on topics such as travelling to Loughborough, what to do after arrival, finance, accommodation and support available for students coming to the UK with a family.

Important information for short term students

If you are a national of Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Japan, the USA, Singapore or South Korea and are intending to obtain a Short Term Study visa on arrival in the UK, you must not use an airport eGate. Instead, you must see a Border Force officer at passport control and obtain a Short Term Study Stamp in your passport. If you use an eGate you will be given a Visitor’s visa which only permits study for 30 days and cannot be corrected without leaving the UK.

You are encouraged to carry the leaflet below in your hand luggage and show this to an airport official on landing in the UK.