Stretched Degrees

The University allows students, in some circumstances (usually high-level sporting commitments or for health reasons), to 'stretch' their programme.

Stretching a programme means studying a full year’s credit over two years to ease the workload on an individual student by reducing the intensity of your study. Stretching your degree will not extend the period you spend studying each module.

Stretched degrees - Disability, including mental health

The University recognises that for some disabled students, stretching their studies over a longer period allows more equitable access to learning opportunities in order to demonstrate their true academic potential on a par with their non-disabled peers. In these cases, Student Wellbeing and Inclusivity (SWAI) will work alongside the student and the academic department as part of the application process.


  1. Read all the general information and advice on this webpage regarding stretching degree arrangements e.g. academic implications, financial considerations, assessments etc. Any questions about these topics should be directed as indicated to the appropriate team/service.
  2. Contact your department to discuss the logistics, in principle, of how a stretched study pattern could work for you. The application form is linked below.
  3. Contact SWAI to request an appointment with an Advisor. The Advisor will listen to your current situation to understand how your disability (including mental health) is impacting your studies. They will discuss a variety of support options with you, including other study patterns and support which may be available. If you are already in touch with a SWAI adviser, please discuss your options with them directly.
    1. If you and SWAI agree stretching your studies would be in your best interest, SWAI will complete Part 2 of your application form and send to your department. You will be copied into this email. The department will then process your request. Please be aware that although SWAI may support an application to stretch a degree, there may be reasons why an application will be unsuccessful, such as the structure of the programme you are studying. This would be a School based decision to make.
    2. If SWAI do not believe stretching your studies would be a reasonable adjustment for you, SWAI will email you to confirm the reasons why and, if appropriate, offer to discuss alternative ways in which you can be supported. If you disagree with their decision, you should follow the University’s complaints procedure.


Stretched degrees - Sport

Students performing at elite level in their sport may seek approval to reschedule their academic programmes (normally taken on a full-time basis over a longer period of time) in order to help them manage the balance of their sporting and academic commitments and realise their full potential in both areas. This will normally mean ‘stretching’ an undergraduate degree programme over one or two extra years.

Note: Please be aware that a student's relevant Student Funding Body (e.g. Student Finance England) may not fund a student who stretches their degree. The University is obliged to accurately report the status of any student who studies a full time course on a part time basis.

This process will only be available to students who proactively manage their affairs and submit their requests for consideration in advance of the academic year concerned.