Route transfers

Route transfers

Route transfer is the term used for changing your undergraduate programme by adding or removing a placement year.

Undergraduate Placement Year

At Loughborough, a significant percentage of undergraduate students are on placement degree programmes. This period of industrial or professional training in the UK or overseas, normally twelve months long, provides you with an opportunity to gain work experience and an additional qualification.

Depending on your programme and placement this would be the Diploma in Industrial Studies, the Diploma in Professional Studies, the Diploma in International Studies or the Diploma in Professional Development.

During your second year, you will be invited to secure your placement, with assistance from your School and Careers Network. The placement itself will require you to maintain appropriate records and to submit a report which will be formally assessed. You will be visited from time to time by a member of your School. A full description of the programme placement can be found in your Programme Handbook; also see the University's Placement Charter.

Students may also choose to spend time studying abroad during their placement year.

Adding or removing a placement year from your undergraduate programme

If you wish to add or remove a placement year from your programme, you should contact your School at the earliest possible time to discuss your plans.

If you need guidance on how changing your studies may affect your financial circumstances (including student loan), immigration status and/or accommodation you are advised to seek guidance from the Student Advice and Support Service.

Adding or removing a placement can have a substantial impact on your Student Loan, which will depend on when you make the change. Information about this is available in guidance on Government loans within the Fees, Funding and Money pages.

If you do get agreement to add or remove a placement year, you will need to submit a Route Change request through the Student Self-Service portal. To submit a Route Change request, please log in to Student Self-Service and click on the “My Requests” tab.

If you hold ATAS clearance for your programme and wish to add a placement year, you will need to obtain a new ATAS certificate before the Route Change request is approved.