Fitness to study

If your health or wellbeing are affecting your ability to study, there is guidance available in the procedure and policy below.

Fitness to Study Procedure - health and wellbeing

This procedure may be applied to students whose ability to cope with university life, to study and progress on their programme is seriously compromised as the result of their health, wellbeing or a disability.

The procedure is designed to ensure that any concerns related to a student’s ability to study are managed and addressed in a timely, equitable and supportive manner.

Fitness to Study Policy - Stretched Degree Policy with respect to disability and health

This policy covers situations in which an applicant or student, the Counselling and Disability Service (CDS) or an applicant/student’s academic School concludes that, due to disability or serious health related issues, the student will not be able to adequately engage with their programme on a full-time basis but would be able to engage effectively with a reduced study load.