Miranda Routledge

  • Director of Strategic Planning

Miranda is Director of Planning since 2015.

Miranda Routledge

Miranda has worked at Loughborough University since 1997, and previously held the position of Head of Student Office. Miranda became Director of Planning in 2015.

Miranda’s role includes managing a small, highly skilled team and coordinates the establishment of effective monitoring and reporting processes. Miranda liaises with external agencies and departments across the University on a wide range of planning matters. Additionally, Miranda is responsible for integrating the University’s planning processes with the preparation of the University’s budget. Miranda provides advice and guidance on key policy and funding issues whilst supporting major projects that have a University-wide dimension.  

Miranda works with the Academic Leadership Team and University Committees on the development and implementation of the University Strategy. Additionally, Miranda supports the Provost and Chief Operating Officer to deliver their various agendas.

Miranda is secretary to Finance Committee and is involved in resource allocation process and decisions.

Miranda holds a BA (Honours) in English from the University of Hull and a Diploma in Management Studies from De Montfort University.