University Leadership Group


The University Leadership Group (ULG) is a forum to bring senior leaders together from across the organisation in order to:

  • discuss strategic priorities for the university (e.g., co-create strategic (core) plans)
  • share details of, and advise on, major developments (e.g., cost of living response)
  • share good practice (e.g., strategy engagement with teams)
  • discuss and co-create innovative solutions to complex issues facing the organisation (e.g., how to increase international student recruitment, broad prioritisation of capital expenditure)
  • provide opportunities for collective leadership development

Interactions with University Executive Board (UEB) and other governance structures


  • All members of UEB are also members of ULG.
  • Items which have been discussed and approved in principle at ULG but need an executive decision will be passed to the UEB.
  • The UEB may refer items to ULG for wider consultation or endorsement.

Senate and Council

  • The Vice-Chancellor chairs ULG and will report key issues into Senate and Council via his regular updates.
  • The powers reserved for Senate & Council, including those already delegated to other committees, are unaffected by the creation of the ULG.

Other governance groups

  • The formal committee structure delivers governance and assurance and is unaffected by the creation of ULG.

Meeting dates and paper deadlines

Please find below the upcoming ULG meeting dates and their respective paper deadlines.

If you would like to request an item for the ULG agenda, please email Miranda Routledge.

Meeting datePaper deadline
14/11/22  03/11/22 
12/12/22  01/12/22 
23/01/23  12/01/23 
20/02/23  09/02/23 
20/03/23  09/03/23 
17/04/23  06/04/23 
22/05/23  11/05/23 
19/06/23  08/06/23 


  • Nick Jennings
    Vice-Chancellor and President
  • Chris Linton
    Provost and Deputy Vice-Chancellor
  • Alex Owen
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Richard Taylor
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Charlotte Croffie
    Pro Vice-Chancellor (Equity, Diversity and Inclusion)
  • Rachel Thomson
    Pro Vice-Chancellor (Education and Student Experience)
  • Dan Parsons
    Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research and Innovation)
  • Cees De Bont
    Dean of the School of Design and Creative Arts
  • Mark Lewis
    Dean of the School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences
  • Jan Godsell
    Dean of the School of Business and Economics
  • Lisanne Gibson
    Dean of the School of Social Sciences and Humanities
  • Claudia Eberlein
    Dean of the School of Science
  • Paul Conway
    Dean of the Wolfson School of Mechanical, Electrical and Manufacturing Engineering
  • Chris Reilly
    Dean of Aeronautical, Automotive, Chemical and Materials Engineering
  • Tony Edwards
    Dean of Loughborough University in London
  • Malcolm Cook
    Dean of the School of Architecture, Building and Civil Engineering
  • Jennifer Nutkins
    Academic Registrar
  • Manuel Alonso
    Deputy COO and Director Student Services
  • Jen Fensome
    Director of Research and Innovation
  • Ffyona Baker
    Associate Chief Operating Officer and Director of Organisational Development and Change
  • Miranda Routledge
    Director of Planning
  • Vipin Ahlawat
    Director of IT Services
  • Martyn Edwards
    Director of Marketing and Advancement
  • John Steele
    Executive Director of Sport
  • Anne Lamb
    Director of Human Resources
  • James Henry
    Director of Finance
  • Graham Howard
    Director of Estates and Facilities Management
  • Veronica Moore
    Director of Student Equity, Diversity and Inclusion and Head of Student Wellbeing and Inclusivity
  • Steven Christie
    Associate Pro Vice-Chancellor (Doctoral College)