Dr Manuel Alonso

  • Deputy Chief Operating Officer

Manuel is Deputy Chief Operating Officer. As part of his brief he oversees Student Services, the Library, the Research and Innovation Office, Health and Safety and Legal Services. Manuel has worked in support-related roles in Higher and Further Education for the last 16 years.

He originally took up the role of Learning Support Manager at Loughborough College (FE and HE College) in 2006 and spent three years working there before moving to the equivalent role at Loughborough University in 2009.

During his time in this role the service was expanded to include the Counselling Service and Manuel had responsibility for the newly created service, which included mental health, disability and counselling support.

In 2013 Manuel moved into the role of Director of Student Services at Loughborough. This role includes responsibility for Careers, Student Wellbeing and Inclusivity, Student Advice and Guidance, Hall Wardens, Community Wardens and Security. Manuel also manages the relationship with the University Medical Centre. Manuel leads on a number of cross-institutional themes, including health and wellbeing, safeguarding, sexual violence and the Prevent agenda.

Most recently Manuel has moved into the role of Deputy Chief Operating Officer, retaining the responsibilities detailed above and also adding in the Library and the Research and Innovation Office, Health and Safety and Legal Services as direct reports.

Manuel holds a BA (Honours) in French and German, an M.A in German Studies and a PhD.