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Joshua Williams

The National University eSports League aims to develop University eSports in the UK. Competitive video gaming (aka eSports) is a growing industry worldwide, professional eSport league games are achieving higher viewing figures than traditional sports leagues, world finals which fill out 40,000 capacity stadiums and providing millions in prize money. We want to help develop eSports in the UK by focusing on growing the University scene.

It’s our belief that we need more players competing in eSports if we are going to help growth the industry within the UK. We run the UK’s inter-University league for games such as League of Legends, our league is designed around inclusivity and competitiveness for all which helps encourage more players to get involved in eSports, whether that’s for fun or the start of a bid to become a professional gamer, the NUEL is here to provide opportunities for all levels. Our success so far has seen over 1500 players competing each week throughout the academic year, representing over 105 Universities from across the UK. Our work is supported by some of the most respected names in the industry such as Riot Games, Twitch and ESL UK.

University societies are the backbone of the community. Esports must be taken offline and appear regularly in people’s lives if it’s going attract new audiences and grow the importance it has on people, for this to succeed it must occur organically and at a local level. Our ambitions as an organisation is to see a culture of eSports develop on each campus across the country, we help co-ordinate activities, provide advice and services to help these local communities grow. This requires a bottom-up approach which we feel we can aid by working on behalf of these communities as a larger body and help spread knowledge between these communities.