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Sam Lane and Jerelle Okoro

Jerelle and Sam have produced a very exciting product that aims to change the way people view consumable drinks. TeaGuice is a cold Green Tea beverage that has flavors that will tickle your curious taste buds.You will not see these on the market today; Pear, Lychee and Lavender, as well as Apple Honey and Chocolate. The initial idea for TeaGuice came about when both Jerelle and Sam were playing on their University basketball team. To get through the intensive training schedule, Jerelle would place a Green Tea bag in an empty bottle, add some squash to mask the bitter taste and eventually the whole team was doing the same. EUREKA! We identified that both the general public and physically active people seem to only have fizzy or high sugar content drinks on offer to them for hydration. TeaGuice is able to change that.

Health and Happiness is of high value to Jerelle and Sam, as we believe at TeaGuice in order for you to be Healthy you need to be Happy. Therefore a goal for TeaGuice was to make a drink that not only tastes great, but will actually promote a healthy happy lifestyle.

The health elements include:
- Only 1g of sugar per bottle
- No preservatives
- Minimal calories
- Vitamins B and C
- As well as an endless list of benefits from the Green Tea alone