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Humble Hipster Studios

Faizan Qureshi & Lee Barguss

Multi-disciplinary design studio, co-founded by Visual Communication graduates Faizan Qureshi & Lee Barguss; focusing on branding, editorial, print, advertising, photography, cinematography and web development.

In their final year at Loughborough University, Faizan & Lee started up their own design agency, having gained confidence and real-life business experience through their roles as committee executives for the Visual Communication department, as well as years of freelance work.

The company’s unique selling point is their understanding of the audience that the world is trying to tap into, having being part of the generation that is technology savvy and social media aware. One of the main ambitions of the studio is to make brands trendy, creating a following and brand-loyalty with the current market.

They’ve seen a rapid growth having recently started, managing to acquire quite a number of clients already including Nottingham Trent University, NHS Leicester and Loughborough University, as well as many other start-ups.

The studio strives to create new and exciting ideas that follow trends and appeal to clients and customers alike. The projects are managed from start to finish, developing concepts through both primary and secondary methods, allowing for a variety of styles and designs to flourish.