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Just Animate

Seymour Lavine

Just Animate is an award-winning creative media studio and social enterprise with a vision to achieve social justice through the use of animation and other creative media.

“We love communicating stories! Finding one’s niche in the creative sector is tough, but we’ve proved ourselves by doing something different; we place social values at the heart of how we do business.”

To fulfil their vision, Just Animate delivers animation and creative media workshops in partnership with local communities, prioritising people with learning disabilities, the elderly, local schools, disadvantaged youth and adults, and other minority and community groups, as well as specialist training to local and national organisations for creating and using animation for advocacy purposes. Their aim is to provide skills training, confidence-building, social issue awareness and to facilitate empowerment, as well as enjoyable animation filmmaking experiences. By fostering positive social impact, using animation, Just Animate is helping people view animation as an alternative way to represent social issues, while unleashing as much community creativity and empowerment as possible.

“We continually look for ways to apply animation to environments and disciplines where creative media has traditionally had less focus, such as social work, physical and mental health and well being, advocacy, and other, wider socio-political community issues. We believe that the process of animating, as well as actively using the end product, has immense positive social and community benefits.”

Just Animate funds its social engagement work by offering commercial animation and motion comic production services, as well as an applied animation research service, to business customers. They use the power of animation and other creative media to help businesses tell product, service or campaign stories to audiences, suitable for a range of digital and broadcast platforms.

Seymour Lavine, using funding secured from UnLtd, founded Just Animate in 2013.