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Ali Foroughi

Jungle is an international fashion and Lifestyle magazine based in London.

Launched in December 2013, Jungle showcases the work of both established and aspiring creative artists around the globe and brings the game changers of the industry to the attention of the readers.

With a team of young, innovative and ambitious individuals working together, Jungle focuses on producing highly exclusive and stylish content to engage and inspire readers. As an independent quarterly magazine, it aims to incite creative freedom and forward thinking.

Jungle has a worldwide readership and is available both online and in print. Jungle prides itself on the originality and exclusivity of the content, which is created collaboratively with the artists located around the world, creating something outstanding and timeless.

Founder and Creative Director of Jungle Magazine, Ali Foroughi, graduated from Loughborough University in 2014, and developed his business whilst a member of the Studio. He originally started the magazine during his final year whilst studying Mechanical Engineering (MEng). With a background in Fashion Photography, he found a huge lack of exposure for the very talented artists that he was surrounded by and hence the idea of creating a platform to resolve this issue was born.