Utilities overview

The university's expenditure is forcast to reach £16M in 2022/23. Whilst energy is monitored closely via our Automatic Metering System but it is not as simple as just 'switching everything off!'

How much do we use?

Loughborough campus

Gas: 75,453,511kWh - £4,767,284 / Electricity: 31,975,205kWh - £8,241,127

London campus

Gas: 1,078,614kWh - £254,488 / Electricity: 645,453kWh - £284,963

To provide world class facilities and the best student experience we do need to use energy, but this does not mean we have to be wasteful. In terms of energy consumption per student the university is currently reducing this figure year on year through efficient building management and education of staff and students. You can find out more about the Universities energy consumption, breakdown and supplies in our annual energy reports.

The university uses a combination of gas and electricity from both the grid and onsite CHP (combined heat and power) plants to provide heating and power to the campus accommodation, sports facilities, teaching and office space.

In 2022/2023 21% of our electricity came from our onsite CHP