Staff Development

Leadership and management

VC Robert Allison

Leadership and management

Staff Development are committed to developing and supporting all current and future managers and leaders here at the University.

We offer a range of opportunities in Leadership and Management and have a collection of resources available. As an accredited ILM centre we offer a range of qualifications. These are available for all levels of management, from aspiring managers and team leaders to current managers who are looking to expand their knowledge and develop their techniques.

Our Leadership and Management training is all Loughborough University centric, so you will have the opportunity to understand what is expected of you at here at Loughborough whilst developing your management and leadership style further.

In addition to our acredited ILM qualifications we also recommend managers and leaders attend our courses for managers, to help you gain the policy knowledge and tools to manage effectively.

Loughborough Leadership Framework

The Leadership Framework is a tool developed specifically for Loughborough University to help you identify the strengths you have in specific leadership attributes. It will help you and your PDR reviewer identify the development that would be appropriate for you.

This framework is aimed at anyone in a current leadership role or with aspirations to take on a leadership role, or who have leadership elements within their role (for example programme directors, project managers).

For more information click on the Loughborough Leadership Framework button below.