The Loughborough Management Programme (LMP) is designed for new managers at Loughborough University.

The programme outlines the knowledge and skills required to be a line manager, or a people manager at the University. The programme explores the management culture at Loughborough, focusing on developing skills and the policies and procedures that support you as a manager to get the best from your people.

You will develop your understanding of:

  • the expectations of a manager at Loughborough;
  • policies, procedures and support available for managers;
  • how to build on your own behaviours, skills, and abilities.

The twelve-month programme consists of a combination of fixed and flexible sessions. The fixed sessions will be attended with your cohort allowing you to benefit from peer-group support and to meet other managers, whilst the flexible sessions allows you to complete the elements for your development based around your work schedule. These flexible sessions are on the current offering of workshops and are accessible via MyHR, which can be completed outside of the Loughborough Management Programme. Please find the information below on what are classed as 'Essential' workshops and what are classed as 'Supplementary'. All of the 'Essential' workshops must be completed in order to gain the internal certificate to this programme and the sessions run throughout the year. 

Please note that you are automatically booked onto your ‘Cohort’ sessions.  It is your responsibility to book yourself onto the ‘Essential’ sessions, with a selection of dates available so you can choose one that best suits your diary. 

As places on the programme are limited and it may take some time to gain a place, please feel free to complete the 'Essential' workshops in your own timeframe as they are all openly available through MyHR. You will then be exempted from completing these once on the programme.

Available Loughborough Management Programme (LMP) Sessions:

You can book on to the following 'Essential' or 'Supplementary' workshops below by clicking on the name of the session. Please ensure you are already logged into the VPN and MyHR for the link to work.

Essential Sessions

The following sessions are on the open programme and are available to be booked onto -

Fixed Cohort Sessions

You are automatically booked onto the following 'Cohort' sessions -          

  • Welcome and Introduction
  • The Inclusive Manager
  • The Emotionally Intelligent Manager
  • Effective Communication as a Manager
  • The Coaching Manager 

If you are a new manager and feel this programme is suitable for your development, please complete the form below to express your interest.

We are currently reviewing our learning and development options for existing and experienced managers, who may have been in a management position for some time, without completing any training. If you are an existing and/or experienced manager and would like to further develop your skills, please complete the form below to express your interest and let us know more.