Printing services

Local self-service printing

Hand using an ID card to operate printer

Printing on campus couldn't be simpler using the University's local self-service printing service.

Printers are located all over campus and provide the following facilities:

  • Printing in black and white (double sided by default)
  • Printing in colour (single sided by default)
  • Copying (the device acts like a traditional photocopier)
  • Scan to email (documents/photos can be scanned and emailed to any email address.

In order to print, you will need the following:

  • A computer that is set up to print to the university print queues, staff-mono, student-mono, staff-colour and student-colour.
  • Knowledge of printer locations across campus.
  • Your swipe card (or your username and password) to collect your printout.

Students also need:

  • Sufficient print credits to pay for the printout. These can be obtained using the ePayment print credit system.

You can then send your document to one of the print queues, walk up to any of the fleet printers, swipe your ID card and choose what to print.

Printing from labs computers

Computers in labs are configured to be able to print to the university print queues.

Printing from your own computer

If you want to set up printing from your computer, you will need to be connected to the campus network by one of the following:

  • Wireless (eduroam)
  • Hallnet
  • The VPN

Configuration Guidance

  • Instructions for your device