Post services

Delivery stickers for parcels

We provide a range of incoming and outgoing post services for all campus users including the Student Parcels Service

The mailroom

The Mailroom provides a collection and delivery service for school and department external and internal mail to the Loughborough campus.

Departmental mail is delivered and collected from around the university daily. All Royal Mail and Parcelforce post for university staff is delivered to the Mailroom and then sorted and delivered by our team of drivers.

All student parcel deliveries to campus are made to our facility in the Herbert Manzoni Building. We log and store your parcels until you can collect at a time convenient to you. Click on the links below to find out more.

At the start of term deliveries are managed slightly different for UniKitOut, LoveSpace and UniWiz packages. Click on the link below to find out more.

Campus partners can contact us to arrange post services within our schedules and available services.

For personal mail we offer limited services from our counter in the Herbert Manzoni Building. Stamps can be purchased over the counter.

As a member of staff, when can I expect my mail and deliveries to be dropped off at my building?

We provide a morning and afternoon delivery service, delivering to East Park in the morning and West Park in the afternoon. The dividing point is the Herbert Manzoni Building.



Where are the Delivery Drop Off Locations and where does my location feature on the round?

Bag Number
Drop Off Point / Building (Label)
Position on Round
50 Occupational Health  SAC Office Building  AM 1
75 Medical Centre Medical Centre AM 2
51 Student Accommodation Centre  SAC Office  AM 3
70a Health & Safety  SAC Office Building  AM 4
29 Elite Athlete Centre Elite Athlete Hotel AM 5
51a Claudia Parsons / Cayley Hall Cayley Hall AM 6
51b Telford Hall Telford Hall AM 6
51c Village Park  Village Park AM 6
51d David Collett David Collett AM 6
56 Careers Office  Bridgeman Building (Reception) AM 7
57 Disability Support  Bridgeman Building (Reception) AM 7
58 Student Services  Bridgeman Building (Reception) AM 7
59 Student Support Centre  Bridgeman Building (Reception) AM 7
70a FM Operations, Services and Projects  Bridgeman Building (Top Floor) AM 8
74 Unison 3 Holywell Drive AM 9
633 Typhoon Squadron  11 Holywell Drive  AM 10
51e Falkner Eggington Falkner Eggington AM 11
69 Geography Morag Bell Building AM 12
45 POLIS Morag Bell Building AM 13
68 EERC (SDCA) James France AM 14
64 CRSP Brockington AM 15
66 Social Science CSSP Brockington AM 16
62 School Of Science  Schofield AM 17
61 Business School  Richard Morris AM 18
3 School College Liason/Events Team (M&A) Hazlerigg (M&A) AM 19
4 Hazlerigg Reception (M&A) Hazlerigg (M&A) AM 19
5 Alumni (M&A) Hazlerigg (M&A) AM 19
5 Philanthropy (M&A) Hazlerigg (M&A) AM 19
6 Marketing & Advancement Operations (M&A) Hazlerigg (M&A) AM 19
10 Brand, Digital and Creative Production Hazlerigg (M&A) AM 19
10 Global Engagement Hazlerigg (M&A) AM 19
1 Vice Chancellors Office Hazlerigg (VC) AM 20
7 Enterprise Office (LUEL) Hazlerigg (LUEL, Research & Innov) AM 21
7 Research and Innovation Support Hazlerigg AM 21
7 Transport iNet (Research and Innovation Support) Hazlerigg AM 21
100 Athletics Support  HIPAC AM 22
100 British Athletics  HIPAC AM 22
100 UK Athletics  HIPAC AM 22
13 Student Records Office  Rutland (Ac Reg) AM 23
14 Doctoral College   Rutland (Ac Reg) AM 23
9 Academic Registry Rutland (Ac Reg) AM 24
9 Timetabling (Academic Registry)  Rutland (Ac Reg) AM 24
11 Centre For Academic Practice (Rutland) Rutland (Ac Reg) AM 24
11 Teaching Centre (Rutland) Rutland (Ac Reg) AM 24
10a Postgraduate Office (Academic Registry) Rutland (Ac Reg) AM 24
10a Undergraduate Office (Academic Registry) Rutland (Ac Reg) AM 24
10a Admissions (Marketing & Advancement) Rutland (M&A) AM 25
17 Human Resources  Rutland (HROD) AM 26
17 Organisational Development  Rutland (HROD) AM 26
17 Payroll  Rutland (HROD) AM 26
17 Pensions  Rutland (HROD) AM 26
16 Finance  Rutland (Finance) AM 27
71 Student Union Shop Student Union Shop AM 28
46 Students Union LSU AM 28
19 Swimming Pool Swimming Pool AM 29
20 Security  Gatehouse, East Entrance AM 30
23 SSEHS  Sir John Beckwith AM 31
22 SDC  Sir John Beckwith AM 32
21 UKSI  Performance Centre AM 33
21 Powerbase Gym  Performance Centre AM 33
24 Design School Design School AM 34
25 Tennis Dan Maskell AM 35
25 Tennis Centre Support Dan Maskell AM 35
51f Butler Court Butler Court AM 36
28 SDCA/Creative Arts Edward Barnsley AM 37
27 English and Drama  Martin Hall AM 38
27 LU Arts  Martin Hall AM 38
27 Martin Hall Theatre Martin Hall AM 38
12 English Cricket Board  John Ferguson AM 39
30 University Library Pilkington Library PM 1
32 Mechancial Engineering Wolfson Building PM 2
35 Electrical Engineering Wolfson Building PM 2
35 Wolfson Wolfson Building PM 2
38 WEDC (ABCE) Frank Gibb PM 3
39 Civil Engineering (ABCE) Frank Gibb PM 3
35a AACME  Stewart Miller PM 3
39a Architecture  Frank Gibb PM 3
36 Materials Engineering (AACME) S Building PM 4
36 Chemistry (Science) Sir David Davies Building PM 5
63 Physics (Science) Sir David Davies Building PM 6
210 Burleigh Court Burleigh Court PM 8
34 STEM Lab StemLab PM 9
36 Chemical Engineering (AACME) S Building PM 10
77 Sports Technology Institute  Michael Pearson East PM 11
86 C I M S P A  SportPark  PM 12
97 Youth Sport Trust  SportPark  PM 12
140 Activity Alliance  SportPark  PM 12
140 Activity Together  SportPark  PM 12
213 England Badminton  SportPark  PM 12
213 England Netball  SportPark  PM 12
70a Property Office SportPark  PM 12
98 BUFDG  Michael Pearson West PM 13
98 PHES  Michael Pearson West PM 13
76 Des 19 Nitd  ATIC PM 14
76 Interface Polymers  ATIC PM 14
76 Likemind 202  ATIC PM 14
76 Nemaura  ATIC PM 14
76 RLC Technology  ATIC PM 14
76 Szabo Software  ATIC PM 14
76 TFM Networks  ATIC PM 14
32a NCCAT  Rolls Royce Building PM 15
80 Healthcare/Bio Eng'  Charnwood Building PM 16
82 IT Services  Charnwood Building PM 17
81 CREST  Charnwood Building PM 18
108 Cenex  Holywell Building PM 19
108 The Studio  Holywell Building PM 19
78 Intelligent Energy  Charnwood Reception PM 20
82a Charnwood Reception Charnwood Reception PM 21
82a Comagility  Charnwood Reception PM 21
82a Dermal Diagnostics  Charnwood Reception PM 21
82a Forest Rock  Charnwood Reception PM 21
82a Teaching Support  Charnwood Reception PM 21
209 Link Hotel Link Hotel PM 22
70 FM Stores / Helpdesk / Grounds & Gardens FM Yard PM 23
70b Domestic Services  FM Yard PM 23
70b Gardens  FM Yard PM 23
70b Helpdesk  FM Yard PM 23
70b Stores  FM Yard PM 23
70b Yard  FM Yard PM 23
88 ONCampus  Herbert Manzoni Building PM Walk over
43 GE Power Charnwood Reception PM  
44 Previsco Charnwood Reception PM  
47 Jules Energy ATIC PM  
84 Imago @ Holywell  Dennis Rooke Building  PM  
87 GE Field Charnwood Reception PM  
99 GE Gas Charnwood Reception PM  
31 Chaplaincy Edward Herbert Building   Walk over
0 EHB catering outlets Edward Herbert Building   Walk over

When will you process my outgoing mail?

Once your blue mail bag arrives back into the Herbert Manzoni Building, we will prioritise all outgoing mail to ensure that all Royal Mail and courier time critical services are honoured.

If your outgoing mail is urgent, please visit the Herbert Manzoni counter and our team will process your mail straight away.

When will you deliver my print job?

All print deliveries that are small enough for the blue mailing bags will be delivered in the morning and afternoon rounds, providing they are prepped and ready to go in time.

The deadline for inclusion in the morning round is 10am.

The deadline for inclusion in the afternoon round is 12 noon.

Any items for delivery that fall after the blue mail bags have left the Herbert Manzoni Building will be delivered in the next day’s rounds or can be collected from the Herbert Manzoni Counter.

This includes all Online Shop deliveries and all bespoke print requests sourced via our Accounts Team.

If the size and/or weight of your print job creates a manual handling risk to our operatives, we will deliver these items when we can but encourage our customers to collect where possible and when urgent.

When collecting, customers must never enter the loading bay area without prior arrangement via This ensures we employ full risk management as the loading bay area is defined as high risk.

Will you deliver my lecture notes to my lecture room?

No. We no longer deliver to specific rooms.

All deliveries are made to the single Delivery Drop Off Location within your building or department.

Delivery Drop Off Locations are easily identified by our grey, yellow and white sign.

Can members of staff have personal items delivered to campus?

No. We request that personal deliveries do not get delivered to campus

This helps us to manage the capacity of our services and prevents the loss of personal deliveries across the site


Amazon Lockers map

We provide a processing and storage service for all student Amazon parcels.

Staff parcels are delivered out across campus either in the blue mail bags or in specific deliveries according to the package size.

If you need to collect your parcel outside of our standard opening hours you should instead direct your delivery to the Amazon lockers on campus:

  • BALLER - Students' Union
  • ORKNEY - Herbert Manzoni (9am to 5pm only)
  • REIJS - Students' Union - Purple Onion Shop

Student Parcels Service

Throughout the Academic Year all parcel deliveries to campus are made to our facility in the Herbert Manzoni Building.

Upon receipt of your parcel, we process it through our system Parcel Tracker, and you will be contacted via email containing a QR code. Please bring your QR code to us in the Herbert Manzoni Building to collect your item.

Please do not contact us or call in until you have received our email from Parcel Tracker.

To help us process your parcels, please remember to set your delivery details as follows including your ID number:

Your name

Your student ID number

Your hall of residence

Loughborough University



Postcode: please use the post code for your exact hall

Parcels without your student ID number as part of the address take longer to match to you and could result in being sent back to the sender.

At the start of term, Unikit, LoveSpace and UniWiz and all other hall kit deliveries, are made direct to your Hall. See the drop down for details of how to address these deliveries.

For the Unite Halls of Harry French, The Holt and William Morris letters will be delivered by the postman into the relevant post boxes at the Hall.

If you wish to receive parcels at a Unite Hall you will need to complete a parcel disclaimer form giving the hall reception permission to take parcels on your behalf. You will be given a form on arrival, or you can request one at the hall reception.

If you have any queries, please speak to your Hall Reception.


Start of Term: UniKitOut, LoveSpace and UniWiz deliveries

All large UniKitOut, LoveSpace and UniWiz deliveries should be addressed to your Hall postcode:

Hall Post code
Butler Court LE11 3TS
Elvyn Richards LE11 3UQ
Hazlerigg / Rutland LE11 3TZ
Royce LE11 3TJ
Towers LE11 3TG
Cayley LE11 3TX
Falkner Eggington LE11 3UG
John Phillips LE11 3US
Rutherford LE11 3TH
David Collett LE11 3UE
Faraday LE11 3TY
Robert Bakewell LE11 3UR
Telford LE11 3UA
Claudia Parsons LE11 3TH

UniKitOut, LoveSpace and UniWiz deliveries attempted at our Loading Bay will be redirected to your Hall.

Student Parcel Retention Policy

Our Mailroom does not have the space to store parcels indefinitely. 

Parcels are therefore held within our space for 14 days only.

Reasonable steps are taken to match parcels to students through three email reminders that their parcels are here. Students are given plenty of time to arrange for collection within that timescale.

Only in exceptional circumstances will we arrange to hold parcels for longer than the 14 days. Please contact us to discuss this service if you feel it is needed.

All abandoned parcels, after the 14 day period, are either returned to sender, disposed of or donated to charities connected to the University.


(This Policy has been approved by an independent legal firm who confirm it complies with the Theft Act 1968 and Postal Services Act 2000)

What postcode should I use on my delivery address on campus?

Please use the hall postcodes as below:



Butler Court

LE11 3TS


LE11 3TX

Claudia Parsons

LE11 3TH

David Collett

LE11 3UE

Elvyn Richards

LE11 3UQ

Falkner Eggington

LE11 3UG


LE11 3TY


LE11 3TZ

John Phillips

LE11 3US

Robert Bakewell

LE11 3UR


LE11 3TJ


LE11 3TH


LE11 3UA

The Holt

LE11 3JB


LE11 3TG

 All items will be delivered to the Herbert Manzoni Building but the exact postcode helps us to identify them correctly.

Counter service

Our counter service in the Herbert Manzoni Building operates a range of postal services

We sell postage stamps, DHL and Parcelforce services. We can take stamped mail in and process it for collection by Royal mail as part of our daily schedule.

Unfortunately, as we are not a Royal Mail Post Office, we cannot provide any proof of postage receipts, nor can we scan your return label QR code or barcode. These must be processed at the Post Office or selected returns shop.

We offer 1st class, 2nd class, Signed For, Recorded or Special Delivery services over our Herbert Manzoni counter

We strongly recommend using signed for or tracked services for valuable items.

Opening times

  • Monday: 9.00am to 5.00pm
  • Tuesday: 9.00am to 5.00pm
  • Wednesday: 9.30am to 5.00pm
  • Thursday: 9.00am to 5.00pm
  • Friday: 9.00am to 5.00pm

The last drop off time for Royal Mail collection is 4pm

Collection services

The Mailroom provides collection services for several well-known carriers.

We have an arrangement with the following providers:

Delivery timescales, destinations and prices are available on each carrier website. Please ensure your mail is suitably packaged for collection.

All carriers collect by 4pm each weekday, but times may vary.

We do not accept returns via:

  • Doddle
  • Hermes
  • Collect+
  • Pass my parcel
  • Evri
  • Yodel

Variable data and mail preparation

We can take in your complex data and turn it into a mail merged file, print it and pull together designed mailing contents for you to create a single output piece for posting across the world.

Examples of previous jobs include:

  • Postcards with mail merged addresses and pre-paid postage identifiers within the artwork
  • Mail merged printed envelopes containing a mix of literature including filled folders
  • Newsletters
  • Personalised marketing campaigns

This service is available to students, staff, campus partners and off campus customers.

Contact us to discuss your requirements.