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A4 Flatbed Scanners

Free to use A4 scanners are available in:

  • Haslegrave Labs (N004, N005)
  • Haslegrave Foyer (Haslegrave Short Stay)
  • Loughborough Design School LDS003
  • Stewart Mason Building SMB (Postgraduate Centre)

You can also use the campus printers for scan to email for free, but there is a charge for scanning to print.

Apart from N004 / N005, these computers have only the software required for scanning and do not have all of the same software as the rest of the lab, therefore the scanner computer may not be suitable for use during lectures.

Please note our Acceptable Use Policy and work within Copyright Legislation.

Instructions for using Scanners



Using the Scanners

Log onto the PC, place your image face down on the scanner and lower the cover. On the PC, run the CanoScan Toolbox program which opens the scanner window.


Saving your work

Click on the Save icon to display the Save dialogue box.

Note that the Mail (Scan to email) option will not work in the labs.


Changing scan settings

You can change the Scanner Settings if required.

You can change the File Name if you like.

Save as Type can be changed if required:
JPEG (the default) - Good for photos on the web, some loss of quality,
BMP - Bitmap - No loss of quality, but large files. Unsuitable for websites,
TIFF - Tagged Image Format. No loss of quality; can use in Word,

PDF is Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format.

Note that the file will be created in a folder in Documents with today's date as the folder name.


Scan and specify Save location

Click Scan.

Click Select. A Scanning status bar will appear.

Change the save location from c:\users\[username]\pictures (an area which will be deleted at log off) to libraries\documents.

The folder in Documents will open with your image placed in it.

When you've finished, click Cancel. Exit from the Scanner Toolbox.