Lone Working

Due to the impact of Covid-19 and a reduced staff presence on site, the number of lone working instances is likely to increase.

The information on this page summarises the key points from the lone working policy and guidance that can be found on the university webpage with links to the documents at the bottom of this page.

Lone Working Process

Each school/service is responsible for managing their lone working risks. Before any work begins the user should familiarise themselves with the school/service lone working process.

The university process for lone working is outlined in the figure below. This highlights the need for the appointment of individuals who will be responsible for monitoring the lone worker. It is important to note that the school/service can choose the method of notification whether that is phone/email or using the lone working app.

Approval of Risk Assessment

(Line manager / Academic supervisor)

Work logged using app


Start of work notification sent to Lone Working Duty Officer

Start Working


Notification sent - agreed time, then 5 mins, then 10 mins

If Positive Response


Lone Worker Duty Officer contacted and worker continues working

If Negative Response


Security contacted to investigate situation

Notification of Outcome

(Lone Working Duty Officer)

Completes Assure Go form then process Assure Go form with Health and Safety

Risk Assessment

There is no need to produce a specific risk assessment for lone working. Instead the risk assessment should be task focussed with the hazards posed from lone working, identifying the control measures needed for the work to be completed safely.

Duty Officers

The roles of a Lone Working Duty Officer as outlined in section 3 of the lone working policy are as follows:

Lone Working Duty Officers Shall:

• Be aware of any lone working activity that is occurring within their school or service
• Respond to lone working incidents when required
• Notify the Safety Officer and Supervisor of any incidents that occur while lone working

The role of a Lone Working Duty Officer is to monitor in an “on call” type fashion. They will act as a point of contact in emergency situations and if required be responsible for liaising with security to ensure the safety of the worker.

Lone Working App

The University has developed a lone working app designed to aid those working alone on campus, complementing existing policies and codes of practice.

The app has been designed to provide managers with basic information about colleagues working alone to ensure that they are safe and healthy whilst doing so.

In addition, it allows the individual to request emergency assistance should they need it.