Event Safety

In order to protect the health, safety and welfare of people attending events at Loughborough University, whether it be a sporting event, a fireworks display or a graduation ball, everyone, including employees, students, visitors, contractors and subcontractors attending or working at the event, health and safety has to be managed.

It is important to appreciate that planning for effective health and safety management should start at the same time as the planning for all other aspects of the proposed event. The event organiser is key in the organisation, promotion and management of an event.

The aim of these pages / links is to help event organisers plan for and manage their event(s) safely.  The pages will be populated over time with information, protocols, procedures, checklists etc to help event managers to achieve this.  They will also explain the principles that underpin good health and safety management and will set out a basic approach that event organisers may wish to adopt to manage safety at events.

Key to successful event health and safety management is: 

  • creating a health and safety policy
  • planning to ensure the policy is put into practice
  • organising an effective management structure and arrangements for delivery of the policy
  • monitoring health and safety performance, and
  • auditing and reviewing performance