Disposable Foil Barbecue Guidance

This guidance applies to small, informal gatherings of staff or students where a disposable foil type barbecue is to be used. Please refer to the Fire Safety for Reusable Barbecues document for information on the use of reusable barbecues on campus.

The person organising the barbecue is responsible for supervising the gathering throughout and ensuring that this guidance is adhered to. In addition, they must ensure that they have the means of communication available to them to be able to contact Security or the Emergency Services in the event of an emergency.

  • The disposable barbecue should ideally be sited in one of the purpose-built barbecue areas. Hall management teams and wardens can advise on the location of these areas within the Halls of Residence.
  • If a non-designated area is used, the barbecue must be sited as far away as possible from buildings, trees & plants, and parked vehicles. A clearance of at least 2 metres is required.
  • Barbecues in Paddock Park should be situated at least 5 metres away from the boundary fence to neighbouring gardens. Please consider local neighbours and keep noise to a minimum when using this area.
  • To prevent fire through scorching, disposable barbecues must not be placed directly on the ground. During periods of prolonged dry weather, the ground around the disposable barbecue should be dampened down with water prior to lighting the barbecue.
  • The barbecue must be used in line with the manufacturer’s instructions. Barbecue lighter fluid must not be used with disposable barbecues.
  • Disposable barbecues should not be left unattended at any time.
  • A bucket or large bottle of water must be accessible for use in an emergency and/or to extinguish the disposable barbecue at the end of the event.
  • At the end of the event, the disposable barbecue should be doused with water to ensure that it has been fully extinguished.
  • The barbecue should be cooled before disposal in rubbish bins to prevent bin fires. Douse with water if necessary.

The University Security Team reserve the right to extinguish any barbecue in breach of this guidance or where it is deemed that a nuisance is being caused. Failure to adhere to this guidance may result in disciplinary action.

In line with recommendations from the Fire & Rescue Service, Loughborough University may prohibit the use of barbecues on site during extremely dry weather conditions.

In the event of an Emergency, contact either:

  • Security on 888 (internal telephones) or 0800526966
  • Emergency Services on 999.

If you call 999 and request the attendance of the Emergency Services, you must also contact Security to give details of the incident and location.