The Chaplaincy provides a number of Chaplains from different faith backgrounds who are available to students and staff to provide a listening ear and support. The Chaplains are available to anyone irrespective of their religious or spiritual beliefs.

Below is a list of our current Chaplains, if you have any questions about faith, they are happy to talk with you. If you just want someone to talk to, they are here. If you have a specific problem or difficulty, they can help direct you to the right place.  Please feel free to get in touch with them at any time.

Jan Sutton

Deacon Jan Sutton

University Chaplain / Methodist Minister

midhat batool

Sister Midhat Batool

Muslim Chaplain

Amrat Bava

Amrat Bava

Hindu Chaplain

Pete Benest

Pete Benest

Sports Chaplain

bryan knell

Bryan Knell

International Student Chaplain

daud matthews

Daud Matthews

Muslim Chaplain

Joseph Nipah

Pastor Joseph Nipah

Pentecostal Chaplain

Tim Stanyon

Tim Stanyon

Assistant Chaplain

natalie steel

Natalie Steel

Brahma Kumaris & Sikh Chaplain

Andy Thomson

Revd Andy Thomson

Free Church Chaplain (Baptist)

Chris Watkins

Chris Watkins

Methodist Lay Chaplain