Student groups

There are a number of student faith groups to get involved with whilst studying at the University. Each group is extremely friendly and no matter what your faith background is you will be warmly welcomed.

See the information below to find out about what each group has to offer!


We are a small, friendly group made up of students and non-students, anyone is welcome.

Thursday 6.30-9pm

J209 - J211 in the Centre for Faith and Spirituality, 1st floor, EHB

Christian Union

We are a lively community made up of students from a variety of local churches who enjoy sharing fellowship, worshipping, witnessing and socialising together. We are committed to seeing the Gospel of Jesus Christ spread on Loughborough University Campus.

The main CU meeting happens in the Chapel every Tuesday at 7pm

Prayer meetings happen three times a week on Monday (8am), Tuesday (6.45pm) and Thursday (8am) in the Chapel.

LSU Christian Union

CIS (Christians in Sport)

Christians in Sport exists to 'reach the world of sport for Christ.' Being in the sporting arena can be tough, but is also a great opportunity to be different and share the good news of Jesus with those around you.

Christians in Sport aims to support Christians playing in sports teams, from youth and university through to adult and professional. At Loughborough, we have a group which meets every Wednesday morning at 8am, in the Centre for Faith and Spirituality, 1st floor, EHB on campus. It is a great time to meet like-minded people and encourage each other to stand up for Jesus in our sport. Each week we will look in the bible, pray and think practically about different issue we may face in sport.

We aim to PRAY for our sports mates, PLAY in a way the honours God, and SAY something of the good news.

Hindu Society

NHSF (National Hindu Students Forum) is the largest Hindu student body in Europe, which aims to protect, preserve, practice and promote Hindu Dharma amongst the Hindu student population.

We aspire to build the foundations for a strong and vibrant Hindu community in Loughborough by encouraging students to be proactive and get involved. We aim to fulfil the cultural, spiritual, educational and social needs of all our members through a wide range of campus and national activities.

"Sangathan main... shakti hain! (In unity... there is strength!)"

NHSF Loughborough is like a family away from home, you can meet loads of like-minded people as well as learn more about Hindu dharma in a much more unique way, there are so many aspects to this society it will fit anyone's passions & interests. We welcome and encourage anyone to join!

For more information visit

Hindu Society

Islamic Society

The Loughborough University Islamic Society is the focal point for Muslim students and staff at Loughborough University.

If you ever have any problems, the ISoc is here to help. Whether it’s adjusting to university life, problems with your studies or trying to balance life as Muslim living in the west, we are here for support and advice when you need it. If you would like to speak to a fellow student in confidence, the head brother and sister of the ISoc also serve a welfare role and are happy to help.

Islamic Society

Krishna Consciousness Society

At KCSOC (Krishna Consciousness Society), we bring the Vedic wisdom of ancient India - through the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita - into modern day life.

The ancient texts teach us how to become free of our unconsciously created psychological burdens through meditation, mindfulness and self-enquiry. The society is a sacred space to attain the wisdom to lead a successful, and more importantly, happy lifestyle. 

We have a whole range of great activities you can take part in to make the most of the society. We organise life-changing events, refreshing retreats and courses throughout the year which can take place in stunning spiritual destinations such as Bhaktivedanta Manor in Watford.

National Krishna Consciousness Society

LSU Krishna Consciousness Society

LCCF (Loughborough Chinese Christian Fellowship)

LCCF is a place where you can meet new friends and we hope that your time in Loughborough can be made unforgettable.

We usually have weekly fellowship on Friday and welcome everyone to come. We will also have Parties and Activities throughout the year. You DON'T have to be Chinese or Christian to join us.

Every Friday Evening, 7.45pm - 10:00p.m.

Chapel, 1st floor, EHB

Radical Youth

We are a vibrant fellowship that comes together each week to meet & be encouraged with the interactive word of God. All are invited, whether Christian, non-Christian, people searching and people who just want to have a bit of fun and learn something new.

We meet every Wednesday in the chapel between 6-7:30 and we always promise a good time.

Radical Youth