Challenges to democracy and the public sphere

Our interdisciplinary research develops a deeper understanding of and solutions to the challenges facing democracy in local and global public spaces.

Challenges to Democracy and the Public Sphere (CHADS) is a platform that brings together research in the School of Social Sciences and Humanities, which tackles the challenges to democracy locally and globally. Combining insights from different Social Sciences and Humanities, CHADS aims to develop innovative solutions, which can enrich the public space with partners from academia and the policy world.

Research relevant to understanding contemporary challenges to democracy and the public sphere is conducted in several parts of the school, with particular concentrations in the world-leading Political Communication group in our Communication and Media division, associated with the Centre for Research In Communication and Culture, as well as in the Anarchism Research Group in the International Relations, Politics and History Department.  This interdisciplinary, exciting, and solution-oriented research aligns with the University's strategic aim of supporting vibrant and inclusive communities by addressing challenges to democracy. Our research contributes towards the realisation of Sustainable Development Goals including SDG 16 Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions and SDG 5 Gender Equality.

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