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These are multi-disciplinary workshops which have been designed for clinical and non-clinical staff who provide direct care, operational and supporting services in all sectors of health and community care.

Integrating Patient Safety with Quality Improvement Science

This workshop teaches different problem-solving methods from Human Factors Ergonomics and Quality Improvement approaches. Attendees will experience an introduction to Hierarchical Task Analysis (HTA) to address patient safety challenges (micro and/or macro); an introduction to Statistical Process Control (SPC) and Run Charts as a method for process measurement; and an understanding of the 4 step HFE/QI integration model. Following the session, attendees should be able to discuss the core concepts in Human Factors Ergonomics (HFE) in terms of systems and design; the use of Safety Science in Healthcare; and the differences between HFE and Quality Improvement Science.

Introduction to Integrating Patient Safety Workshop

Attendees are provided with an introduction of HFE principles as systems and design concepts. The session encourages discussion around opportunities for integrating quality improvement (QI) and HFE projects and support in thinking about HFE solutions to improve wellbeing and performance for staff and patients. On completion of this workshop delegates should be able to: demonstrate an introductory knowledge of HFE principles and practices; discuss HFE problems as staff and patient design challenges; and suggest interventions in current systems through re-design rather than adding work.