Exhibitions and shows

Students and staff within the School have a number of opportunities to exhibit their work at a range of events.

These events include exhibitions organised within the School and involvement with other external opportunities. Some of these events are held annually, whilst others are arranged on an ad hoc basis dependent on the type of work involved.

Degree Show

This is an annual exhibition for all foundation, undergraduate, and postgraduate taught students from the School. Our foundation and undergraduate students usually exhibit in June each year, with our postgraduate taught students exhibiting in October/November.

These shows attract attention widely from industry and press, as well as being open to the public. They are an incredible opportunity for students to celebrate the culmination of their hard work, to network with potential employers and to demonstrate their potential publicly. They are also a fantastic opportunity for creative industry contacts to connect with the School and learn more about what we are doing.

Digital Degree Show 2023

Experience the incredible work of our undergraduate finalists, plus from students on our Art and Design Foundation Studies programme. The Design and Creative Arts Digital Degree Show 2023 is crammed with fresh ideas, creative vision and innovation.

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New Designers

For two weeks each June and July, Upper Street Events Ltd holds an exhibition in London known as New Designers. This two part exhibition sees a number of our textiles and design undergraduates come together with universities from across the UK to exhibit their very best work. The exhibition champions disruptive thinking, ambitious ideas and fresh approaches and features the work of around 3,000 hand-picked young designers. It provides a fantastic opportunity to meet industry employers, buyers, media, and trend predictors.


In July each year, final year undergraduate graphics students represent the School and University at this London based exhibition. It is an unique opportunity to meet industry contacts and fellow artists, along with members of the public who are interested in graphic design and illustration. Categories span a variety of disciplines, from graphic design to product design, book design, and magazine and newspaper design; art direction to writing, editing, illustration, photography, typography and animation; creative coding to UX, e-commerce and gaming; PR and media to social good, and much more.


Connections is a collaborative postcard project between Joshibi University of Art and Design in Japan and Loughborough University. It features postcard artworks designed by Art and Design Foundation students at Loughborough and second year Art and Culture students from Joshibi. For five years, Loughborough University has welcomed Joshibi University of Art and Design undergraduate students onto campus to experience a month-long cultural exchange programme. Students are invited to participate and engage in a number of arts, cultural and linguistic activities across campus.