Creating a portfolio

Information, tips and guidance for producing a strong portfolio

All foundation applicants who meet our entry requirements will be invited to submit a portfolio for assessment by a member of academic staff.

We look for students who can demonstrate an awareness and understanding of contemporary art and design, with a unique and innovative approach to the subject. Producing a portfolio is an incredible opportunity to showcase your individuality and ability to the University, to talk more about your passion for the subject and to make sure the course is a good fit for you and your future aspirations.

Please note that you will be required to submit your portfolio digitally. Information on formatting and where to submit your portfolio will be provided to you by email in due course.

What should I provide for the portfolio assessment?

A portfolio of art and/or design work

What should I include in my portfolio?

A range of work

You may already be studying for an A-level that identifies strength towards a specialist area (for example, Textiles) but we would like to see broader enquiries in the Art and Design fields.

Drawing skills

We are looking for demonstration of a variety of drawing techniques, including objective, sketch, thumbnails, expressive, and technical examples.

Technical ability

Ensure that you demonstrate engagement with a range of materials, in addition to sensitivity to and awareness of the production of work using technical processes.


This is often in the form of sketchbooks and should indicate the way you work and how you think around research, processes and ideas.

Awareness of artists/designers

Show evidence of research, stripping back the artist’s work, analysis and personal response.

Formatting guidelines

  • The portfolio file name should include both your full name and application reference number
  • Please make sure your full name and application reference number are also included on at least the first page of your portfolio
  • You may wish to use PowerPoint, as this will allow you to compress your images (recommended image size: max 150ppi resolution) and then save the whole file as a PDF
  • Files should be a suitable size for email (no more than 20MB)
  • It is recommended that files are submitted in PDF or PPT format.