Project Costing Support Model

Where an applicant intends to submit an application for funding to an External Funding Body, a request must be submitted in advance through the ‘Request application development and costing support’ option that can be found here. On receipt of the request a member of the Research Support Team will contact you.

The Costing Support Model has been designed as a supplementary tool to allow potential applicants the option to obtain an estimated budget for their Project, prior to contacting the Research Office.

Please note the following:

It is recommended that you contact the Research Office to get a costing for your project as soon as you have a reasonable idea of the resources that you will require to undertake the project (e.g. the amount of PDRA time, the consumables budget you will need etc). It is also recommended that you obtain a 1st iteration of your budget from the Research Office, prior to having detailed discussions about budgets with you external collaborators, if applicable.

As usual, you must submit a ‘Request application development and costing support’ to the Research Office at least 10 days in advance of the Funder deadline for submitting your grant application.

The Costing Support Model should only be used for grants that will be administered by the Research Office. Where projects would be administered by other offices in the University, then you should contact the relevant Office to ask for guidance.

This Costing Support Model is only intended for projects that use the Full Economic Cost (FEC) model. If the Funder of your project does not use FEC then please contact the Research Office for a bespoke costing for your project, via the ‘Request application development and costing support’ option that can be found here.

If you have any questions then please liaise with your Research Support Team contact or email