SlowCat at Royal Society Summer Science 2022

It was a great privilege to be selected for The Royal Society’s flagship public engagement event in central London.

The Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition is the UK’s longest running science festival.

In 2022, it attracted more than 5,700 visitors from the across the UK and beyond, including more than 700 students and their teachers.

We enjoyed meeting thousands of visitors, and taking part in films and lectures to reach an even larger global audience.

Making materials post-oil - The Royal Society

Crude oil is used to make millions of everyday items, from plastics to shampoo. But how will we make these materials once we stop digging oil from the ground? Using biomass, such as the waste from beer-making, might be the solution.

Summer Science 2022: Replacing oil

Where does the waste go from your freshly poured pint? Find out how scientists are moving away from fossil fuels and creating catalysts and fine chemicals from waste items and how they can help to make everyday items.

Visitors found it fascinating how many everyday products come from oil and how can we replace this. Your enthusiasm was fabulous throughout the week - something many visitors commented on as the highlight of their visit.

Dr Julie Maxton Executive Director of the Royal Society
Competition winner Steph Oldham with her prize - a folding bicycle

Sustainable competition winner

We ran a competition during Summer Science. Many congratulations to Steph Oldham who is enjoying sustainable travel to work on her new folding bike!

Design a catalyst