Sparking curiosity, inspiring minds

Team SlowCat are passionate about showing how important catalysts are for a greener future - and the vital role scientists and engineers are playing so we can live sustainably.

We want to inspire people to think about where our everyday essential items come from - the things we take for granted - and demonstrate that the holes left by fossil fuels extend way beyond needing to provide energy sustainably.

Using interactive exhibits - including games, demonstrations and talks - we aim to help people visualise the challenges that must be met to become a truly Net Zero society.

This will require us to throw away as little as possible, and harness as much as possible from what already exists. We don’t want to be competing for resources – like land or materials that would otherwise be used for homes or food.

Our activities are supported by the Royal Society of Chemistry and the UK Catalysis Hub, and can be adapted for age five and upwards at national science festivals, school visits and community groups.

If you are interested in hosting an event or finding out more, please get in touch