Institute of Advanced Studies

Institute of Advanced Studies

We are delighted to announce the establishment of the Institute of Advanced Studies at Loughborough University.

The Institute will commence activities from 2017 and will support eminent academics and other influential public figures from around the world to come and spend time at Loughborough, working alongside members of our research community, including post-graduate students and early career researchers. The Institute is a core component of the University’s ambitious research strategy and will promote vibrant, cross-disciplinary thinking about major contemporary social, technological, ethical and intellectual challenges.

In its inaugural year, the IAS will convene a series of public events, visits and academic activities on three research themes. These have been selected to encapsulate the diversity, depth and inter-disciplinarity of our research culture at Loughborough.


The first theme will be ‘Communication’ and will connect to our ‘Communication and Culture’ Beacon and the research activities of the Centre for Research in Communication and Culture, headed by Professor John Downey.


The second theme will be ‘Energy’ and will be co-ordinated by Professor Philip Eames who leads the University’s Energy Global Challenge.


The third theme is ‘migration’ and will be led by Professor Darren Smith and connect to the University’s research strength in ‘Migration, Identity and the State’ and the ‘Secure and Resilient Societies’ Global Challenge.

We will be inviting academics from across our campuses to suggest future overarching themes for subsequent academic years.

Contact us

Professor David Deacon
Director of Institute of Advanced Studies
+44 (0)1509 223391‌‌

Dr Helen Tighe
Research Development Manager
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Dr Kathryn North
Head of Researcher Development
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