Dr Yolandi Burger

Headshot of IAS Fellow Yolandi Burger

IAS Open Programme

Loughborough University Research Fellow

Yolandi’s expertise is in co-design methodologies, responsible citizenship, social change, and research impact, applied in the context of collaboration between local communities, creative industries practitioners, and NGOs.

Her design research interests combine the emerging importance of graphic heritage for social impact through design pedagogy and educational technologies in real world scenarios. She has pioneered the development of graphic heritage in South Africa through her work with Nelson Mandela Foundation, bringing together heritage practitioners, archive specialists, intellectual property and copyright professionals, creative industries practitioners, and urban planners, showcasing digital design prototypes for new approaches to conveying Mandela’s graphic heritage connected to places named after him.

During their IAS Fellowship, Dr Burger is collaborating with Dr Robert Harland from the School of Design and Creative Arts.

IAS Research Seminar