Professor E. Glenn Dutcher

IAS Open Programme

Ohio University

Professor Glenn Dutcher is an applied microeconomist, primarily employing surveys, and field and laboratory experiments to understand issues surrounding workplace outcomes through traditional and behavioural economics. This research has explored the incentive mechanisms affecting productivity, the behavioural determinants of output decisions, interactions of ability within a given setting, ability formation, and how technological change affects output.

One area he has specifically investigated involves how different kinds of inter-firm competitions, like those where the "best" employee is promoted, or the "worst" is demoted affect employee’s effort provisions. Professor Dutcher has also investigated how working remotely affects productivity by individuals and teams. Additionally, he is developing a research program to better understand creative production, a necessary component to innovation.

Currently, Professor Dutcher is spending a sabbatical year (academic year 2022-2023) in France at the University of Lyon, and at GATE, a research unit in economics affiliated with CNRS – the GATE is ranked among the top 5% institutions worldwide in the field of Experimental Economics according to the IDEAS field ranking.

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