Professor Alice Cicirello

IAS Open Programme

TU Delft

Prof. Cicirello received her Ph.D. (Vibro-acoustics of structures with uncertainties) from the University of Cambridge. She is currently Associate Professor in Dynamics and Monitoring of Structures at TU Delft, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences and the Head of the Mechanics and Physics of Structures Section.

Professor Cicirello’s interests are on the investigation and assessment of the dynamic performance of structures and important functional components when subjected to manufacturing variability and uncertainty. More specifically, she conducts research on:
 - The behaviour of structures for extracting important physics-based features
 - The development of digital twins for (i) the design of structures that are relatively insensitive to manufacturing variability and uncertainty, (ii) assessing the safe remaining life of structures in environmental and operating conditions
 - Effective structural health monitoring strategies and non-destructive testing

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