Professor Juan de Dios Ortúzar

IAS Annual Theme: AI:Facts, Fictions, Futures

Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, Chile

Professor Juan de Dios Ortúzar got his PhD from Leeds University in 1980, became Full Professor at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile in 1986 and Emeritus in 2017. He was awarded a Doctor Honoris Causa (Universidad de Cantabria, Spain) in 2018, the Life Achievement Award (International Association for Travel Behaviour Research) in 2012 and the Humboldt Research Award (Alexander von Humboldt Foundation) in 2010. Prof. Ortúzar pioneered the development of discrete choice modelling techniques and their application to determine willingness-to-pay for reducing externalities (accidents, noise and pollution).

The valuation methodologies developed with his research team have been applied in Australia, Colombia, Germany, Norway and Spain. He is founding member of the Institute in Complex Engineering Systems (2007); of the Chilean team leading the Centre of Excellence BRT + (funded by the Volvo Research & Educational Foundations), with MIT, Sydney University, University of Pretoria and EMBARQ (2010), and of the Centre for Sustainable Urban Development (CEDEUS) at PUC (2012). He also led the interdisciplinary project Understanding Wine Preferences with the Centre for Aromas and Flavours at PUC and the participation of the Beijing Agricultural University.

He has published over 180 papers in archival journals and book chapters. Co-author of Modelling Transport, a book published by Wiley reflecting the state-of-practice in this discipline, which has sold over 20,000 copies and is now in its fourth edition. Finally, he is currently Co-Editor in Chief of Transportation Research A and member of the editorial board of several international journals.