Professor Aldo Musacchio

IAS Open Programme

Brandeis University

Aldo Musacchio is Professor of International Business, Director of the MBA Program and of the Perlmutter Institute for Global Leadership at Brandeis University. He also leads both the Brazil and the Latin America Initiatives at IBS. He is a specialist on strategy and corporate governance in multinationals; innovation and industrial policy in emerging markets; state-owned enterprise reform, among other topics. He also has a long track record of research in economic history and is a Research Associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research's Development of the American Economy Group.

His research focuses on the internationalization strategies of state-owned enterprises and the innovation behaviour of large multinationals with government financial support. In his book, Reinventing State Capitalism: Leviathan in Business, Brazil and Beyond (Harvard Press, 2014), Prof. Musacchio and his co-author Sergio G. Lazzarini study the corporate governance reforms of state-owned enterprises around the world and look into the pitfalls of such reforms. In this book Musacchio and Lazzarini also study the advantages and disadvantages firms get when they receive financial support from their home country governments. His forthcoming book Fixing State-Owned Enterprises in Latin America: Old Problems, New Solutions, provides policy insights on how to reform the ownership and management of these firms with minimal political cost.