Professor Kimberly Hutchings

IAS Spotlight Series: Pacifism and Nonviolence

Queen Mary University of London

Professor Kimberly Hutchings taught philosophy at Wolverhampton University (1988-1994) then moved to the Department of Politics at Edinburgh University (1994-2002), where she taught political and international theory and was Head of Department (1999-2002). She spent the years 2003-2014 in the International Relations Department at the London School of Economics, where she was Professor of International Relations (from 2007), and also Head of Department (2010-2013).

Kimberly came to QMUL as Professor of Politics and International Relations in 2014 and was Head of School 2019-20. Her main book publications include Kant, Critique and Politics (1996), International Political Theory (1998), Hegel and Feminist Philosophy (2003), Time and World Politics (2008), Introduction to Global Ethics (2nd Edition, 2018), Violence and Political Theory (with Elizabeth Frazer, 2020). She is currently Co-Investigator in the Leverhulme funded project: Women and the History of International Thought (2018-2022).

She was Lead Editor of the Review of International Studies, the journal of the British International Studies Association (BISA) (2011-2015). Kimberly was awarded the inaugural British International Studies prize for Distinguished Contribution to the Profession in 2015, and a Distinguished Scholar Award from the Theory Section of the International Studies Association in 2016 and the Ethics Section in 2020. She is currently Chair of the Politics and International Studies Sub-Panel in the UK Research Excellence Framework (2020-2022).