Professor L. Zachary DuBois

IAS Transitions Festival

Department of Anthropology, University of Oregon

L. Zachary DuBois, Ph.D. is a biocultural anthropologist, Assistant Professor and director of the Stress, Adaptation, and Resilience (STAR) Lab at University of Oregon. His research aims to expand understandings of gender/sex and how social inequality and stigma become embodied contributing to health disparities among trans and gender diverse people. To do this, he conducts community-based studies integrating in-depth interviews with biomarker measures to uncover psychobiological pathways of stress and resilience.

He conducted the Transition Experience Study which included interviews and biomarker sample collection with 65 transgender men in the U.S. in order to learn about their experience of gender transition. His current work examines transgender experience and health across different geopolitical and cultural contexts in the U.S.