Professor Ankit Agrawal

IAS Annual Theme: AI:Facts, Fictions, Futures

Northwestern University, Evanston, USA

Dr. Ankit Agrawal is a Research Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Northwestern University, USA. He specializes in interdisciplinary artificial intelligence (AI) and big data analytics via high performance data mining, based on a coherent integration of High Performance Computing and data mining to develop customized AI solutions for big data problems with real-world impact.

His research has contributed to large-scale data-driven discoveries in various scientific and engineering disciplines, such as materials science, healthcare, social media, and bioinformatics. He has co-authored 150+ peer-reviewed publications, co-developed and released 15+ software, delivered 50+ invited/keynote talks at major conferences, universities, and companies all over the world, been on program committees of 40+ conferences/workshops, and served as a PI/Co-PI on 15+ sponsored projects funded by various US federal agencies (e.g., NSF, DOE, AFOSR, NIST, DARPA, DLA) as well as industry (e.g., Toyota Motor Corporation Japan).

He is one of the few computer scientists who are actively introducing AI and advanced data science techniques in the field of materials science and has successfully led several large-scale materials informatics projects. As an example, he is co-leading the AI group at the Center for Hierarchical Materials Design (CHiMaD), which is a $60 million NIST-sponsored center of excellence. He is also serving as the Editor-in-Chief of Computers, Materials & Continua.

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