Dr Ingrid A. Medby

IAS Spotlight Series: Arctic Geopolitics

School of Social Sciences, Oxford Brookes University

Dr Medby is a Lecturer in Human Geography, with a focus on Political Geography. She joined Newcastle University in 2021, prior to which she worked at Oxford Brookes University and University College London (UCL). She holds a PhD in Human Geography from Durham University (2017), an MSc in International Relations from The University of Edinburgh (2012), and a BA in International Studies from RMIT University (2011).

Her research focuses on Arctic geopolitics, and she is particularly interested in the intersections of identity, statecraft, and changing environments. In addition to her academic publications, she regularly engages with public media and policy.

Dr Medby is a UK representative on the International Arctic Science Committee's (IASC) Social & Human Working Group, and committee member of the UK Arctic and Antarctic Partnership.