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Electric Vehicle (EV) Tribology & Technology

IAS Visiting Fellow Dr Jonny Hansen delivers a seminar on their research - 

This talk explores the key role of tribology in advancing electric vehicle (EV) mobility. Emphasizing the intricate connection between the electrical and lubrication regimes in EV bearing contacts, the presentation highlights the challenges posed by electrified conditions to the traditionally considered relative safety of the elasto-hydrodynamic lubrication (EHL) regime.

Accurate assessments of the EHL to mixed lubrication (ML) transition are urgently needed. However, conventional methods like Tallian’s lambda ratio prove inadequate, potentially leading to false indications of ML and the absence of electric arcing caused by 'bearing currents.'

To address these issues, Dr Hansen introduces Λ*, a novel film parameter designed for a more precise assessment of the lubrication regimes. This parameter aids in evaluating under which conditions electric arcing may occur and when the lubricant film is sufficiently thick for electrical insulation.

The presentation then extends its focus to cover EV drivetrain technology in the context of the proposed film parameter and concludes by highlighting current design mitigation strategies for EVs, along with prospects for further research.

Arrivals from 11:45 am for a 12:00 noon start. For those joining in-person, lunch will be served after the seminar from 1:00pm.

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